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Brand Photography with Danielle Stansky in New York

by Diane Chappell | Personal Branding Photoshoot | No comments

Danielle Stansky is a modern day woman if I ever saw one and a beautiful example of saying yes to opportunities in her life. She recently accepted a position as an Emergency Medicine Physician at NYU. Danielle does research on autism and is passionate about changing medical education so that all physicians are trained on techniques to work with special needs patients.

Danielle was a gymnast growing up so she really enjoys working out and living a healthy lifestyle. In her spare time she loves to cook and is always down to try and create a new recipe. Modeling has definitely brought out her creative side and is truly an outlet for her to express herself. To see some of Dani’s modeling work check her out on IG

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Brand Photography

Brand Photography with Genn Shaughnessy in Albany, NY

by Diane Chappell | Personal Branding Photoshoot

Genn Shaughnessy is a Commercial MakeUp Artist, Licensed Hair Stylist and Beauty Expert in Albany, NY who provides camera ready makeup and hair styling services for HD, TV, Photo and Film.

Genn’s ability to produce various types of MakeUp Artistry and Hair Styling for HDTV, Photo and mixed media demonstrates her amazing eye for detail and her ability to think outside the lines of conventional thinking. Genn’s vast knowledge of cosmetics & beauty tools shines in writing and producing beauty segments, blog posts and educational tutorials.

Genn’s vast knowledge of cosmetics & beauty tools shines in writing and producing beauty segments, blog posts and educational tutorials. Genn Shaughnessy has numerous film, print and web  credits to her name that include FOX NewsPeople MagazineTeen People Magazine, American Idol Live and TLC’s Trading Spaces. She combines tremendous talent and make-up savvy with a plethora of experience and the ability to deliver uncompromising quality of work to every professional work setting.


Genn is a great asset to our team and sets a great example with her artistry and professionalism.


new york model actor photographer

New York Portrait Photographer

To see more of Genn’s professional work check her out on IG

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How to Maintain Branding with Your Professional Headshot

Professional photos can make or break a first impression and the overall look of a brand. New brands have a lot of freedom when it comes to what the images can look like and what personality they can embrace. Existing brands must stay within the bounds of their current aesthetic in order to maintain the look and feel that has already been established.

Five ways to maintain branding with your professional headshot:

#1 – Update all headshots at the same time.

If your organization is more than a one-man-band, professional headshots should be updated company-wide to ensure that they not only represent your current set of employees and the aesthetic that you are trying to convey, but to keep them all similar.

Keep in mind that lighting and background changes everything – so updating all of the photos at once with the same photographer, using the exact same settings, will help maintain consistency throughout the collection of images.

#2 – Styling matters!

Before your professional headshot session, you should take the time to consider what you’d like to wear and how you’d like your hair and makeup styled. Whatever you choose, be sure that it conveys the same overall message for your brand.

For example, if you are vibrant and quirky then bright bold colors and less traditional poses will fit. On the other hand, if you are a financial advisor who needs to convey the utmost professionalism, then professional attire with a classic backdrop will likely be a better fit.

If you aren’t sure what to choose, go ahead and ask! I’d be happy to discuss options.

#3 – Location. Location. Location.

On top of clothing, hair, and makeup, another way to convey your brand’s message and ensure consistency throughout your images is by choosing the proper location.

Do you want photos to take place in-studio where all of the elements are controlled or do you prefer on-location photos that will take place at your office or outdoors?

While either option can make for incredible headshots you’ll want to choose the one that best fits your needs. You’ll want to consider how many people are being photographed, what the weather is like outdoors, available timeframes (the sun is a huge deal here!), accessibility, etc.

Need help figuring out the best location for your shoot? I can help!

#4 – Use the photos everywhere.

When you have a new collection of professional business headshots, use them!  Put the images to work on your website, throughout your social media profiles, on your print materials, anywhere that they are appropriate.

Think about it this way; if one of your networking/marketing materials has a photo, it should be updated every time you have a new collection of images.

#5 – Be sure that the photos represent the current you.

Many of us have favorite photos from the past and would love to use those for marketing purposes. The problem here is that while you may not feel like 10 years have passed, using old photos can lead to some confusion on the client end. They may not understand why the ‘you’ that they see in photos doesn’t match the ‘you’ they meet in person.

Updating your photos on a regular basis will not only represent the real ‘you’ but they’ll also let your audience know that you embrace the person you are today and the journey that has led you to this place.

Ready to schedule your branding session? I can’t wait to work with you! 

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The Importance of a Professional Headshot

If you love taking selfies on your phone, you might be tempted to use one for your favorites as the profile photo on your professional networking sites. But before you even think about hitting save on that change, here are a few points to consider when it comes to the importance of a professional headshot.

 Professional headshots are an investment in your brand.

First impressions are everything and a photo is worth 1,000 words. I know you’ve heard these sayings but have you considered the serious impact that they have on your brand?

Using professional headshots as your profile photo or on your website will tell your audience that you mean business. That you’re a legitimate professional who knows how to represent themselves and will in turn serve their businesses well.

Professional headshots help build trust.

Putting a name to a face will help clients understand that you’re a real human being behind the website or social profile and to begin feeling like they know you.

While you want to bring personality into your photos, dressing appropriately and being photographed in an appropriate pose will help your potential clients know that you are serious about your business and are someone that they can trust.

Professional headshots can be used everywhere.

Think far beyond your LinkedIn profile. Professional headshots can be used on all of your social media platforms, your website, in an email signature, throughout your printed marketing materials, and more.

Don’t forget, a good professional photographer is worth their weight in gold.

The person behind the camera makes all the difference in the world! Professional photographers have the education and experience to help you with:

  • Overall styling
  • Posing
  • Facial expressions
  • Lighting
  • Setting (either in-studio or on location)
  • And more!

While this may be your first professional headshot photo session, it certainly is not THIS photographer’s first. As a master portrait photographer, I am always learning and growing in order to ensure that I get the best images possible for every client. I use all of my knowledge from previous sessions to help serve your needs best.

You’ll receive a collection of images that offers a variety of poses and expressions in order to choose the final images that will best represent your brand.

Do you have questions about setting up your professional headshot photo session? Ask away! Feel free to shoot me a quick email and we’ll set up a time to chat about what you’ve envisioned and answer any questions you might have.

Here’s how you can reach me:

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Let’s talk about Michelle!

I don’t often single out a client, but my session with Michelle was just incredible and I want to tell you a little about the inspiration that helped us create this setup.

Ah – the jumpsuit.

This iconic shape has stood the test of time is a fascinating piece of fashion. It literally began as a suit for parachuters and skydivers to jump from planes in, quickly becoming the staple attire for some of the most dangerous professions.

In 1919, the jumpsuit was adapted to be an everyday wear piece by Italian artist, Thayat. He envisioned creating something that was easy to make and wear. While his intention was for it to be worn by the working class, the upper class quickly picked up on the new design and ran with it. The first high fashion jumpsuit was introduced in the 1930’s by Elsa Schiaparelli and the rest is history.

>> For a complete history of the jumpsuit, check out

For this shoot, Michelle was dressed in a 1960’s inspired bold floral printed, wide-legged, sleeveless jumpsuit, accented with a side-swept tumbling curls hairstyle by stylist Amber Snare.

Makeup artist Bryon Glick gave Michelle a cut crease with sharply defined eyeshadow, inspired by the popular makeup trades during the 60’s. The golden highlighter brought in is a fresh shade from the 2017-2018 season, as seen backstage at Fashion Week in New York City.

The photos from this session were featured in Surreal Magazine April 2018 Issue.

I’ve mentioned before that photographing styles from historic eras is one of the things that inspires me most. If you have an idea for this type of session that you’d love to bring to life, please connect with me! I’d love to hear your thoughts and see how we might be able to work together.

Here’s how you can reach me: 

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Are professional business headshots really necessary?

First impressions are everything, especially in business. A professional headshot associated with your website and online profile can help to quickly communicate your personality and create a connection.

In today’s world of mass communication, you will likely communicate with clients on many different platforms. From the standard phone calls and paper mail to email and social media, adding your photo will help your clients know who you are even if you haven’t met face to face and start building a lasting business relationship.

Don’t let a pixelated selfie define your brand!

The types of clients I typically work with who need a professional business headshot in order to keep their marketing and communication collateral on point include: investment advisors, small business owners, corporate business men and women, artists, wellness coaches, realtors, engineers, lawyers, and more.

>> Wondering if a professional headshot could help your business? Email me!

Keep in mind that professional business headshots can be whatever you want. They should reflect the culture of your organization in style, including makeup, wardrobe, and location.

For example – if you own yoga studio, your headshot is going to be styled much different than if you were a financial advisor that only managed jumbo investment accounts.

These images should communicate whatever message your business needs to send. Be it the standard professional, laid back, fun, or just zen. Don’t worry, I’m here to help with styling and anything else you need, so feel free to ask questions and share ideas with me.

The location of each professional headshot session depends on the individual needs of my client.  They can take place indoors at my studio or on location in your office, boardroom or outdoors.

Depending on which you choose, I’ll then assemble the proper behind the scenes team to help create the images you’ve envisioned. If you have some type of Pinterest board or inspiration example that you’d like to share with me, even better!

Still wondering if a professional business headshot is really necessary?

Check out this review from a recent client:

“Diane was extremely professional and was wonderful in assisting me with the start of my portfolio. Both Diane and her hair and makeup artist, Katie, made the whole experience for me enjoyable. The quality of the finished products were great and I could not be more pleased. I highly recommend Chappell Studios! ” Theresa T. Albany, NY

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What inspires this New York portrait photographer?

Being a New York portrait photographer is such a joy. I love everything about my job – meeting new clients, developing long-term relationships with clients over time, all of the evolving trends in fashion and photography, the list goes on. No session is exactly the same as another and I really enjoy (and am inspired by) the opportunities that this gives me to be creative.

One of the first things I do when working with a new client is listen. I want to hear everything you have in mind for your session, so be prepared to tell me all about what you’ve envisioned for your images. Sketch it out, send me a link to your favorite Pinterest board, whatever you prefer – I’m ready.

Two of my main sources of inspiration are vintage looks and New York fashion week!

I love seeing iconic looks come to life with professional makeup styles from historic eras, intricate hairstyles, and wardrobes that pass the test of time. This is way more than a #TBT kind of social media only session. It’s embracing the past and stepping back into time even if just for a moment.

Fashion Week is on the exact opposite end of the inspiration spectrum. Everything is fresh and new. It pushes boundaries, introduces wild ideas, raises the bar on what fashion can be and where it can take you. The colors and textures boost my energy and revive my visions for what the future of fashion may look like.

Another element of my work that I’m very proud of, is that I continue educating myself in order to further develop my skills and stay on top of the latest photography trends.

I have fantastic mentors and am a member of expert education groups that continue to inspire me on a daily basis. Some of these photographers include Sue Bryce, Creative Live, Inc., Joe McNally, Peter Hurley, and Lindsey Adler.

Would you like to chat about the inspiration behind what you’ve envisioned for your next New York portrait session? I’d love to chat with you!

Here’s how you can reach me: 

Chappell Studios Portraits
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Schodack Landing, NY 12156

The Transformation: Before & After Your Session at Chappell Studios Portraits

When you walk through the doors of Chappell Studio Portraits – Albany portrait photographer, I want you to take a deep breath and leave any stresses from your daily life behind. Enjoy being pampered while we celebrate all of the unique factors that make you incredible.

Throughout your session you’ll enjoy the full attention of my team in a relaxing, laughing, worry-free environment with no phone calls, text messages, or worries. Just sit back and enjoy having all of your needs met. Haven’t you spent enough time serving others?

You deserve to experience this type of wildly empowering experience! 

With this goal in mind, the actual experience is a bit different for each of my clients. Before you arrive, we’ll discuss your goals are for the session, what you have envisioned for your images, and exactly what to expect before, during, and after your time at the studio.

>> Five Steps to Help You Prepare for Your Dream Shoot

One of the biggest steps of your transformation during the session is getting your hair and make-up done professionally by my incredibly talented team. While we know and LOVE the fact that true beauty is on the inside, we’ll do whatever we can to help make you shine on the outside as well.

When you step in front of the camera, my team will help you bring out your inner goddess with gentle posing suggestions while your favorite playlist rolls in the background. We’ll keep a close eye on your hair and make-up, assisting with any necessary touch-ups to make sure that you’re always camera ready.

>> What to Expect During Your Portrait Session

Here are a few recent reviews of what clients are saying about their portrait sessions at Chappell Studio Portraits, along with a selection of before and after photos. These ladies are absolutely stunning and I adored working with each of them!

Before & After Photos

Chappell Studio Portraits - New York Portrait Photographer

Chappell Studio Portraits - New York Portrait Photographer

Chappell Studio Portraits - New York Portrait Photographer

Chappell Studio Portraits - New York Portrait Photographer

Chappell Studio Portraits - New York Portrait Photographer

Chappell Studio Portraits - New York Portrait Photographer

Kind Words

“As a mom to 4 small kids, I rarely take time out to pamper myself. I’m certainly not a girly girl and as such I rarely think of myself as beautiful. Spending an afternoon with Diane Chappell doing these pictures had me walking out feeling like a super model!”

“Beautiful styling, fabulous makeup and hair, a wonderfully relaxed and private photography session left me looking and feeling FANTASTIC.”

​“She has a wonderful eye for the smallest details, a calm and fun demeanor and she take AMAZING pictures. I didn’t know I could look like that! (My husband says he knew but loved that someone brought out the beauty for me to see it).”

“Thank you, Diane, for a wonderful experience. It was a great confidence boost and I love having the stunning pictures to treasure (and share!) for a lifetime.”

Are you ready to take some time out of your busy schedule to be pampered and celebrate your inner goddess? Let’s talk and schedule a time for your portrait session!

Here’s how you can reach me: 

Diane Chappell
Chappell Studios Portraits
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Are you my ideal client?

I love absolutely everything about being a portrait photographer in New York. My location allows me to connect with incredible people and work on a variety of different session types. It’s pretty darn awesome. I’m always willing to take on new and creative projects, but I definitely have an ideal client.

Wondering if you make the cut?

Ask yourself one simple question to find out… do you like being photographed?

If the answer is yes, then I want you to know that you’re my ideal client and I would love the opportunity to work with you. Let’s be honest, even if you’re a little unsure in front of the camera or just need a little time to get comfortable – I’d still love to work with you too.

Why? Because everyone has a story to tell and the best part of my experience as a photographer is getting to know so many incredible people. Many of which have become lifelong friends.

One particular woman comes to mind. She’s a breast cancer survivor, mom, career woman, who just turned fifty. She came in for a glamour and boudoir shoot for herself, just to release that inner goddess and feel empowered again. I absolutely adored my time with her. She’s kind and wonderful, and I’m so thankful that she chose to treat herself with a special photo session.

Here’s a recap of Becky’s experience in her own words:

On my 50th birthday I decided to have a glamour/boudoir photo shoot to celebrate.  I realized I did a lot of exciting things in my life, I’m a mother and I work hard as a nurse but the last time I was professionally photographed was my wedding 15 years ago and my high school photos.

I certainly dealt with many challenges that life throws at you, some of which were surviving breast cancer and losing my beloved husband to cancer.

I wanted to feel good again.  I wanted to be empowered. I wanted to celebrate me as a woman and that is exactly what I felt like during and after my shoot with Chappell Studios.  

Hairstylist , Olya was wonderful and very talented. She changed my hair and makeup throughout my shoot and I really felt pampered like a queen. I had such a wonderful experience with Diane and her team.  They made me feel welcome and put me right at ease from the beginning to the end of my session.

Many thanks to Diane Chappell and her team for my beautiful photographs I will have forever.  I love them!

Becky Y.

Now you know I have to share a few photos from Becky’s session!

Albany Portrait Photographer - Chappell Studio Portraits

Albany Portrait Photographer - Chappell Studio Portraits

Experiences like this keep me passionate about refining my skills and serving clients. I love bringing visions to life and creating images that I know you’ll cherish for a lifetime. They may even become family heirlooms and that just makes my heart sing.

Are you ready for your close up? Need info on the best session type to schedule for your unique wants and needs? Let’s talk.

Here’s how you can reach me:

Chappell Studios Portraits
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Schodack Landing, NY 12156

5 Steps to Help You Prepare for Your Dream Shoot

Thank you so much for scheduling a session with me at Chappell Studio Portraits! I cannot wait to work with you. To help us both prepare for your shoot, I’ve created a step-by-step guide that details exactly what needs to be done prior to your session. 

I’m including a summary of the guide below to give you an idea of what to expect.

Step 1 – Tell me all the details!

Do you have a vision for some type of creative session that you’ve always dreamed of or just an idea of what you’d like your family photos to look like? Whether you’re sending me dream boards or a link to your favorite Pinterest pins, I want it all! 

The more I know, the better I’ll be able to deliver when it comes to your final gallery.

Step 2 – A week before your session.

Take a quick photo of the wardrobe you plan to bring with you, so that I get an idea of what you’re going to wear before you arrive. If you have any questions or need suggestions, please give me a call and we’ll talk it out.

Do your best to avoid any sun that will create tan lines or adjust your wardrobe accordingly to compensate for them.

Step 3 – A day or two before your session.

Have your nails and toenails clean, polished, and trimmed.

Step 4 – The day of your session.

Wear loose fitting clothing to prevent any crazy marks on your skin. Arrive at the studio about ten minutes early with no make-up on and clean hair.

Here are a few items you’ll want to bring along with you:

  • A favorite playlist on your phone if you have one.
  • Any accessories that we can add to your wardrobe (feel free to bring extras, we’re flexible!)
  • Your wardrobe – all the clothes we’ve chatted about and anything else you find along the way.

Step 5 – Relax!

Your time with me is meant to be relaxing and empowering. While you’re at the studio, I expect you to sit back, relax, and be pampered. This is your day. It is your time to shine.

I want you to walk away from your session feeling like the amazing human you are!

Would you like to see the full guide?
Email me and I’d be happy to send it to you!  🙂